Modern Marketing

Definition; legal communtication between the company and the consumer audience.

Areas of focus; Current marketing practice

History of Modern Marketing;

Pre-Industrial Revolution ~ Simple Trade

1860-1920 ~ Production

1920-1940 ~ Sales

1940-1960 ~ Marketing departments

1960-1990 ~ Marketing Company

1990-2010 ~ Relationship Marketing

2010-Present ~ Social/Mobile Marketing

Famous Examples; Any good examples are the pick up lines that are stuck in your head for the next 12 hours eg. McDonalds “I’m Lovin It”. Famous marketing experts are brands or people mostly everybody knows such as Calvin Klein.

Education Needed & Types Of Careers; College Diploma, University Degree, To be a sales or marketing manager, you need a college diploma or university degree in business administration or a related field with a sales or marketing specialization. You also need several years’ experience as a sales or marketing representative. To be an advertising or public relations manager, you must have a college diploma or university degree in public relations, communications, marketing, journalism or a related field. You also need several years’ experience in advertising, public relations or communications.

Local Places Of Employment; You can find marketing jobs online all over the lower mainland.

The Future Of Marketing; A marketing agency could do a variety of things depending on their specialty ranging from brand identity, perhaps creating your website, some paid advertising, maybe helped with events and other ways to get the word out even more than we do now. A public relations agency focuses on media attention. This used to be limited to pitching traditional media for articles, placement, etc. Some firms helped you put on events.

My Opinion; I personally think online marketing will be 10x more popular in the future and everyone will base their lives around the internet, thats why I want to take Modern Marketing.

The Evolution of Marketing

5 Predictions On The Future Of Marketing, PR and Advertising Agencies




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